Stephen Chung


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414 Lauder Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M6E 3J2



- born Kingston, Jamaica
- moved to Toronto, Canada
- first camera
- freelance assistant to several Toronto based photographers
- freelance photographer for numerous record labels, Canadian and European editorials
- award of merit for photography Studio Magazine Annual Awards 1996
- nominated for Juno Award (best album artwork) David Wilcox “Greatest Hits Too”
- Juno Award for (best album art work) Tom Cochrane “Songs of a Circling Spirit”
- solo exhibition Contact 98 the Rivoli “Still Moving Images”
- award of merit The Advertising & Design Club of Canada (Single Magazine-Page/Spread) “Living in Oblivion” Shift Magazine
 - DOP - indie feature “Wolf Song”
- group show - photography Contact 99 , Sixty4 Steps Contemporary Art “One”
- DOP - for numerous music videos
- gold award The Advertising & Design Club of Canada (Single Magazine-Article) “Antigua” Shift Magazine
- producer / director / DOP - “Subway” film for “Do Make Say Think”
- DOP - for numerous music videos
- DOP - feature documentary “QSW the Wild Zone” Rhombus Media
- director / DOP - Chris Brown and Kate Fenner music video “Walk the Lake”
- DOP - King Cobb Stele - “Below the Stars” and Buck 65 “Pants on Fire” both nominated for “best independent music video” Much Music Video Awards
- director / DOP - Classified music video " Yuh Ded Now"
- DOP - documentary film "Always moving forward"
- award for best cinematography Leo Burnett independent film festival “Oh My Dog”
- DOP - tv series “made to order” season 1 Food Network / Alliance Atlantis
- DOP - music video - Broken Social Scene “Cause=Time”, Arts and Crafts
- director/ DOP - commercial Denzal Sinclaire . Verve/ Universal Music Canada
- became a father, Quinton Bradley Chung
- DOP - music video Broken Social Scene “Almost Crimes” Arts and Crafts
- DOP - music video Feist “Mushaboom” Interscope / Universal Music
- director / DOP - music video The Weekend “Me vs. the World”
- director / DOP - music video The Trews “Tired of waiting”
- DOP - Live DVD “Skinny Puppy” “The Greater Wrong of the Right”
- director - documentary film Broken Social Scene “It’s all Gonna Break”
- DOP - tv series “The Wilkinson’s” season 1 Henry Less Productions
- DOP - tv series “Ed’s Up” season 1 OLN/ Peace Point Entertainment
- DOP - tv series “Crash Addicts” season 1 OLN / Summerhill Productions
- DOP/ operator - tv series “Punched Up” Comedy Network/ Indivisual Productions
- 2nd unit DOP - commercial “Ontario Tourism” Spy Entertainment / Young & Rubican
- became a father again, Miles Bradley Chung
- DOP - tv pilot “sell” Twentieth Century Fox Television
- DOP - tv series “Invention Nation” Discovery Network US / Peace Point Entertainment
- DOP - feature “Confessions of a Porn Addict” Breakthrough Films / TMN / Movie Central
- 2nd unit DOP - commercial “Ontario Tourism” Spy Entertainment / Young & Rubicam
- DOP – tv series “Food Jammers” (season 3) Food Network / Peace Point Entertainment
- 2nd unit DOP - commercial “Ontario Tourism” Spy Entertainment / Young & Rubicam
- Award best cinematography “COPA” at Mockfest Film Festival in Los Angeles, Ca.
- DOP - tv series “The Week The Women Went” (season 2) CBC / Paperny Films
- DOP - tv series “I Prophesy” Vision TV / Henry Less Productions
- DOP - short film “Record” (official selection of TIFF) / Bravo / Equation of Design
- DOP - tv pilot “The Gringo” Twentieth Century Fox television
- DOP - short film “Living History” (official selection of TIFF) Bravo / Tortoise Films
- DOP 2nd unit- commercial “Ontario Tourism” Radke Films / Young and Rubicam
- DOP - tv special “Keith Urban Live @ the Orange Lounge” CMT/ Corus Entertainment2012
- DOP - feature doc “The Last Gladiators” (official selection of TIFF) Locomotion Pictures
- DOP - short film “Good Boy” (official selection of TIFF) Bravo / Tortoise Films
- DOP - short film “No Contract ” Bravo / Absitomen Media
- DOP - tv series “The National Parks Project” Discovery Channel / Primitive Entertainment
- producer dir/ DOP - documentary “The Happiness Project” AUX television / Glass Box Media
- DOP - tv series “William Shatners Weird or What” (season 2) History Television / Cineflix
- DOP - tv series “Canadian Made” History Television / Primitive Entertainment
- DOP - tv series “William Shatners Weird or What” (season 3) History Television / Cineflix
- DOP - feature documentary “Northwords” FilmCAN / Parks Canada
- DOP - short film “Reach” Ring Out Media
- DOP - tv series “Grand Benders” Northern Outlaw Productions / BPM
- DOP - feature film “Solo” TMN
- DOP - tv series “Murder in Paradise” Cinefilx Discovery ID
- DOP - tv series “Golden Gays” Cream Productions Inc. Slice
- DOP - short film “The Model” (official 2012 Tiff selection) Bravo / Flatline Pictures
- DOP - tv series “Breakout” Raw T /Cream Productions Discovery Chanel / National Geo intl.
- DOP - feature Doc “The Defector” nominated Cinematography 56th CSC awards,
- DOP - feature film “Solo” winner Silver Audience Choice Awards, Best feature film Toronto After Dark Film Festival
- DOP - short film “Silent Garden” Elgin Winter Garden Theatre / Bravo
- DOP - tv series “Murder in Paradise” Cinefilx, Discovery ID
- DOP - tv series “Motives & Murders II” Cinefilx, Discovery ID
- DOP - short film “Odessa” Ethos pictures
- DOP - tv series “Murder in Paradise II” Cinefilx, Discovery ID
- DOP - tv series “Motives & Murders III” Cinefilx, Discovery ID
- “The Defector” Winner CSA - Best Documentary Film / Best Direction
- “Solo” Selected "Best of Canada Program” 17th Shanghai International Film Festival
- “Odessa” short Winner 2015 Grand Jury Award for Best Short (Gasparilla International Film Festival / Official selection (Cannes Short Film Corner)
- DOP “HMS Erebus Franklin Expedition shoot” FilmCan NPP Films Inc. Parks Canada
- DOP - ‘Sin City ER” tv series Cineflix, Discovery Life
- DOP - “Holt Renfrew tv” multiple Commercials, branded content Nomad Republic
- DOP 2cd unit - “Horizon” 360° VR film celebrating Canada 150th anniversary
- DOP - “Looking for MIke” tv documentary, First Love Films, CBC
- DOP - “Shroom Boom” Vice tv documentary, Chosen Best of Vice Canada
- DOP - “Sugar Sisters” tv documentary, Fathom Films, CBC
- DOP - “Style Factory” tv series, Cineflix, Slice Network
- DOP - “Tougher than it Looks” tv series Proper Television, Discovery Canada
- “Looking for MIke” tv documentary Nominated CSA Best Documentary Program
- DOP - “My Enemy My Brother” feature documentary official selection Hot Docs
- DOP - “Come from Away” feature documentary, MDF Productions, Bell Media
- DOP - “Mister Tachyon” Television series Viceland
- DOP - “Joyce Mitchell Story” Cinefilx, Discovery ID
- DOP - “Over Time” short doc, Bravo, Winner DGC-Wift-T Award Reel Asian FF




Production co. / Director



Production co. / Director

Horizon - 2cd unit DOP 360° VR (short) 


Sesqui / Dir Drew Lightfoot

Over Time DOP (shot doc)


Jaya Media / Dir. Mariam Zaidy

My Enemy My Brother - DOP (feature doc) 


Fathom Films / Dir. Ann Shin

Sugar Sisters - DOP (TV doc)


Fathom Films / Dir. Hannah Donegan

Looking for Mike - DOP (TV doc) 


First Love Films / Dir. Dylan Reibling

Shroom Boom - DOP (TV doc) 

  Vice / Shawney Dir. Choen

Odessa - DOP (short)

  Ethos Pictures/ Dir. Sean Turrell
Silent Garden - DOP (short)    Elgin Winter Garden Films / Dir. Dylan Reibling
Solo - DOP (feature)   Camp Solo films / Dir. Isaac Cravit
The Defector DOP (feature DOC)   Zarathustra Films / DIr. Ann Shin
The Model - DOP (short)   Equation of Design / Dir. Dylan Reibling
Reach - DOP (short)   Ring Out Media / Dir. Tricia Collins
The Happiness Project - DOP (live concert film)    Glass Box / Dir. Stephen Chung
No Contract – DOP (short)   Absitomen Media / Dir. Randall Okita
Good Boy - DOP (short)   Tortoise Films / Dir. Isaac Cravit
The Last Gladiators - DOP (doc)   Jigsaw Productions / Dir. Alex Gibney
Yuna Kim - DOP (doc)   Discovery Asia / Bang Productions

Living History - DOP (short)


Tortoise Films / Dir. Isaac Cravit

City Sonic - DOP (short series)  

Kensington / White Pine / Dir. George Vale

Record - DOP (short)   Equation of Design / Dir. Dylan Reibling
Epilogue / Prologue - DOP (short)   Zoomline Entertainment / Dir. Joe Frankle
Confessions of a Porn Addict - DOP (feature)   Breakthrough Films / Dir. Duncan Christie
Samuel Bak - DOP (doc)Rebel Zone - DOP (feature doc)   Little Dog Productions / Dir. Christa Singer
Rebel Zone - DOP (feature doc)   QSW: The Rhombus Media / Dir. Lorraine Segato
DMST Subway - Producer / DOP (live concert film)   Still Moving Images / Dir. Stephen Chung
Stuff – Cam Op. 2cd Unit DOP (feature)   Bullseye Productions DIr. James Dunnison



Production co. / Director

Mister Tachyon - DOP season 1


Viceland / HBO

Tougher Than It Looks - DOP


Proper Television, Discovery Canada

Style Factory - DOP


Cineflix, Slice Network

Sin City ER - DOP


Cineflix, Discovery Life

Unusually Thicke - DOP


Peacock Alley / Global Television/ Slice

Murder in Paradise season 1 & 2 - DOP


Discovery ID / Cinefilx

Breakout - DOP


Discovery Chanel / Nat Geo Raw Tv / Cream Prod

Motives and Murders season 2 & 3 - DOP


Discovery ID / Cinefilx

Organic Panic - DOP


Vision TV/ Richie Mehta

The National Parks Project - DOP


Discovery Channel / Primitive

William Shatner’s “Weird or What” seasons 1-3 - DOP


History Television / Discovery US / Cineflix

One on One - Taylor Swift - DOP


CMT/ Corus Entertainment

AUX Live - Concert series Producer/Director/DOP


AUX TV / Still moving Images

The Week The Women Went, season 2 - lead DOP


CBC / Paperny Films

The Gringo - DOP


Twentieth Century Fox Television

I Prophesy - DOP


Vision TV / Henry Less Productions

Sell (Pilot) - DOP


Twentieth Century Fox Television

Food Jammers III - DOP


Food Network / Peace Point Productions

Invention Nation - DOP


Discovery Channel (US) / Peace Point Productions

Ed’s Up season 1 - DOP


OLN / Peace Point Productions

Crash Addicts season 1 - DOP


OLN / Summerhill Productions

The Wilkinsons season 1 - DOP


CMT Frances Films Inc.

Made To Order season 1 & 2 - DOP


Food Network / Mercer Street Films

David Suzuki’s Sacred Balance - Camera Op.


CBC / Kensington Comm.

Canada for Asia – Tsunami Relief Concert - Camera Op.


CBC / Revolver Films




Production co. / Director

Heinz - Big League Surprise (Theatrical)


Nomad Republic

Holt Renfrew - All Together - DOP


Nomad Republic

Ontario Tourism - X 6 - 2nd unit DOP


Young & Rubicam / Radke Films / Spy Films

Kohl’s Department Stores - Camera Op.


Partners Film Co.

ING Direct - DOP


Dans Pet Shop

Smuckers Jam - Camera Op.


Leo Burnett/ Sons & Daughters

Home Depot - Camera Op.


Partners Film Company

Roy Thomson Hall - DOP


Massey Hall & RTH Productions

Mereadesso - DOP


Dan’s Pet Shop

Kraft - Camera Op.


J Walter Thompson / Henry Less Productions

Sobeys - DOP


Leo Burnett /TracePictures

Philadelphia Cream Cheese - DOP


J Walter Thompson / Don Dixon Films

Denzel Sinclaire - Director / DOP


Universal Music / YYZ Pictures

ING Direct x 2 - DOP


Partners Film Co.

Mastermind Toys - DOP


Partners Film Co.

NBA Authentic Gear - Camera Op.


Zoo TV

Movie Pix /The Movie Network - DOP


Konservative Veesual


Music Videos director / director of photography


Production co. / Director

The Weekend “Me vs. the World”


YYZ Pictures

The Trews “Tired of Waiting”


YYZ Pictures

Spookey Rueben- “Shauna”


Still Moving Images

Classified featuring Dan-e-o & D-sisive “Yuh Ded Now”


Sundog films

Chris Brown and Kate Fenner “Walk the lake”


Players Film Co.

Do Make Say Think “Disco+Haze”


Still Moving Images


Music Videos / director of photography



Lullabye Arkestra “Icy Hands”


Scion AV / Vice Records

The Mark Inside “Sweet Little Sister”


Nuclear Blubber Productions Inc.

Feist “Mushaboom”

  Shalabi Effect Productions

Broken Social Scene “Almost Crimes”

  Shalabi Effect Productions

Broken Social Scene “Cause=Time”

  Play Film

Tom Cochrane “Ali”

  Revolver Films
Buck 65 “Pants on Fire”
  Sundog Films 
The Dears “End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story”   Still Moving Images 
Molly Johnson “Diamonds in my Hands”   Revolver Film Co. 
King Cobb Steelie “Below the Stars”   Revolver Film Co.  
Blue Rodeo “The Day’s in Between”   Revolver Film Co.  
Sciencespheric “Static”   Revolver Film Co.  

Live Performance

Do Make Say Think - Producer / Director / DOP   Still Moving Images
Keith Urban - DOP   CMT/ Corus Entertainment 
Happiness Project - Producer / Director / DOP    AUX TV / Still Moving Images  
Thunderheist - Producer / Director / DOP   AUX TV / Still Moving Images  
K’naan - Producer / Director / DOP   AUX TV / Still Moving Images  
Arts and Crafts NXNE - Producer / Co. Director   AUX TV / Still Moving Images 
Avril Lavigne – Camera Op.   EMI / Vison Entertainment
Feist – Camera Op.   Polydor- Universal
Skinny Puppy – DOP   YYZ Pictures
Tegan & Sara - DOP     Sanctuary Records Group / MTV
Tragically Hip - Camera Op.   Revolver Film Co.
Broken Social Scene – DOP   Still Moving Images
The Music - Camera Op.   Revolver Film Co.